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A complete set of well-designed residential garage doors are included in our collection. From aluminum garage doors, the wooden garage doors, to stylish doors like the traditional paneled doors, swing style doors or steel doors for that matter, you can choose from a wide collection and get the best door installed for your home. Central Garage Door Service understands how important your home’s look and security is to you. Providing a smart look with beautifully crafted designs, the doors at Central Garage Door Service can act as the combination of lovely décor as well as fortified security. The performance of our residential garage doors in the Huntington Beach, CA is known to be the best. Completely carrying forward the legacy of incredible services and products, our customers can choose from a broad range of such eminent doors.

Wide variety of choices:

Customizing garage doors is our specialty. The sophistication which is offered by us through these doors is priceless. The most modern look of top-notch designs, the superior quality of materials and the finest workmanship can be visibly seen through this. Wooden garage doors for your residence can make your house look attractive. Overhead sectional doors are also very much in demand. The fashioned elegance which such garage doors give is something different from the prevalent set up.

There are striking designs of residential garage doors available with us and this puts up a premium enhancement to your home’s overall look as well as provides the security you are looking for.

Weather stripping

If you need to weather-proof the inside of your garage, you need to install weather-stripping on your garage doors. This seals any gaps or holes and keeps moisture and wind out. Proper insulation can go a long way in protecting your garage’s interior and maintaining optimum temperature levels within. This can help you save up significant sums on your heating/cooling bills.

With minimum maintenance required, our doors are of premium quality. Check out and select from our selection of durable garage doors today! Call Central Garage Door Service!